Strategic Planning Course for Human Resource Management

To qualify the participants in the program to acquire technical and administrative skills to work in the field of training. Identification of training needs, program planning and evaluation of training outputs. As well as training process coordination skills, planning of training schedules and so forth.

Target group :
Training officials or persons nominated for the position of training officers
Heads of training sections
Training coordinators in training bodies and companies
Program Themes:
- Training process. What its objectives are
- Terms used in training
- The relationship between training and education. And the differences between them
- Training objectives and their relation to the general policy of the company
- How to formulate the training objective.
- Inputs of the training process and its outputs
- The stages of the training process
- What training needs are and how they are identified
- Models and methods of identifying training needs
- Methods for identifying training needs (organization analysis and organization - job analysis - individual analysis)
- Preparing the training budget
- Skills and tools to coordinate training programs