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Workshop your way to the profession of human resources

Duration ": 6 hours over a period ((two days))
About the workshop of your way to the profession of human resources
A training workshop to help you understand the real and practicalexperience in human resource management sciences within institutions
Details and axes of your way to the profession of human resources
The first workshop is based on the transfer of real and applied experiencein human resources management sciences within the institutions. It is aninteractive workshop where the lecturer tries to learn how to put their feet inthe right path and to manage the human resources and uncover the secrets ofexperts in this field.

The workshop is presented in an interesting and attractive way to the participants by answering the following questions:

1. Human Resources Consultant, Human Resource Specialist, Human Resources Practitioner, whichever is better?

2. How can I change my specialization to human resources and retain my previous experience?

3. What are the secrets kept by human resources experts and always make them shine?

4. Can I master the human resources in practical and practical way?

5. Have you worked in the HR field for a while and are not satisfied with your career?

6. Do you work in the field of human resources and progress slowly?

7. What is my best specialty in HR?


The Arab Academy for Development and Management is one of the largest consultancy and training houses in the Arab world. The Academy was established in 2014 as a center for training and consulting in the field of computer and human development

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